Arts & Culture

Mill Road in Cambridge is well known for being the most multicultural and diverse part of the city. Many local people believe that our arts and cultural offer could be enhanced, thereby attracting visitors without destroying the unique nature of the place.

The arts contribute positively to education, society and the economy. Art can bring a wide range of people together and in Mill Road, local community groups are keen to embrace new projects.

Many people share the vision for Mill Road as an ‘arts and cultural quarter’ for Cambridge.

Knit for the Bridge – Yarnbombing Mill Road Bridge

Knit for The Bridge - community yarnbomb project 2014

Knit for The Bridge – community yarnbomb project 2014

Knit for the Bridge welcomes local residents to donate knitted or crocheted covers for the railings. The bridge on Mill Road is looking grey and tired. Members of the community have decided to add a bit of colour by yarnbombing it. First installed during the annual Winter Fair in 2013, this project grows each year.

You can still contribute if you want to! We’ve just taken the old stuff down in preparation for the Winter Fair 2015. Knit or crochet a cover rectangle to measure 6.5 x 31 inches. Drop it off at the Six Bells pub before 1st Dec 2015.

Romsey Art Festival


Romsey Art Festival began in 2013, providing a celebration of creativity in the Mill Road area and an opportunity for local people to engage with the arts. Check out this great video about it.

CB1 Gallery Walk


The CB1 Gallery Walk offered visitors a guided tour of Mill Road’s nearby contemporary art spaces. Three of these spaces have since closed.

Visualising Mill Road

The Visualising Mill Road project - a study by UCL students

The Visualising Mill Road project – a study by UCL students

Visualising Mill Road was a project exploring community sentiments on each side of the bridge on Mill Road. Survey boxes were positioned inside a number of local shops, asking customers to press a button describing how they were feeling that day. The results of each day’s survey were visualised on the pavement outside the shops in chalk paint. 

The Mill Road Mural

Photo courtesy of Cambridge News

Photo from Cambridge News

A number of local groups got involved in a community art project called the Mill Road Mural one of the city’s biggest public art projects. The designs were drawn up by local artists in conjunction with the Women’s Resource Centre, local schools, Jimmy’s Nightshelter and others.

 The Mural was officially launched at the opening of Romsey Art Festival 2014 and has rejuvenated a neglected part of Mill Road.

We’re looking forward to seeing new public art projects on Mill Road. The City Council have allocated £30,000 towards a public art project that will celebrate the railway heritage of the area. Look out for further info.

Got a project to add to this page? Or a project idea? Get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page.


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