New Things to Explore on Mill Road

2016-06-08 03.15.47 1.jpg

There is so much happening on Mill Road this summer – after saying a sad goodbye to a few Mill Road stalwarts, like Cavendish Classics and Cambridge Resale, we are welcoming a whole raft of new businesses to the road.

Liutaio, the cafe and music shop that opened in March, has received rave reviews, and Prana Indian Restaurant held a grand opening in April that blew up Twitter! The Curry Inn took over the old Kohinoor site and a handful of new restaurants will be arriving on the scene later this summer, too:

  • Lagona, a new Lebanese restaurant in the old Jaffa Net Cafe, will open at the end of June.
  • Tom’s Cakes, in the former CB1 Cafe, is slated to open in August.
  • The Seafood Grille in the old Tulip Restaurant doesn’t have an opening date yet, but is slated for a summertime.
  • The Royal Indian Takeaway, closed for years, is reopening as a pizza and coffee shop (maybe as a second outlet of Charlie’s Coffee Company? The rumours are unconfirmed).

There are a couple mystery shops in Petersfield, too: the newly-refurbished shop next to Petersfield Pharmacy will be reopening shortly and the old Digital Village shop, used as storage for the last few years, is under construction and getting a new lease of life.

In Romsey, there’s a similar influx of new business. Cavendish Classics is reopening as a hair salon this summer, and down the other end of Romsey, there’s a new Ramadan Halal Shop with lots of international treasures. Life on a Bike is the new version of Claude Butler Cycles, with some really sweet new espresso cups and cycle merchandise.

And most excitingly for those with young children, the new play area outside the Bath House on Gwydir Street is expected this summer. The Coordinator got a look at the plans and can confirm – it’ll be great.

Mill Road makes a great destination all year round, but its at its best in the summer. See you there.


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