The Mill Road Traders’ Association supports the Save ARU Nursery Campaign


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There are over 200 shops and businesses on Mill Road, represented by the Mill Road Traders’ Association. The ARU nursery has been an important neighbourhood resource for decades; many traders have relied on the nursery for quality care for their children. ARU is an important part of the Mill Road community, and the traders value the reciprocal relationship with the university and community – a relationship we have been working to grow and strengthen. ARU’s decision to close their nursery is disappointing to a community where nursery places are difficult to find, and will strike a blow not just to students and staff but to many community members, with knock-on effects created by intensifying competition for spots at other nurseries. The Mill Road Traders’ Association stands in support of the Save ARU Nursery Campaign, and asks that ARU reconsider the future of ARU Nursery.

– Piero D’Angelico, Chair of Mill Road Traders’ Association and former ARU Nursery parent


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