Mill Roads a Runner-Up in the Great British High Street competition

mill road sandwich board.JPG

In October, Mill Road became a finalist in the Great British High Street award, a competition to acknowledge the most innovative and collaborative high streets in the country. The winners were announced on 30 November and while we are disappointed not to have won, I am extremely proud of the way the road came together during the voting, the judges’ panel, and throughout the six weeks that we were in contention.

Not only did we display over 100 Great British High Street posters, we had shops take amazing – and beautiful – initiative: Urban Larder customised a sandwich board and the Royal Standard dedicated one of their signs in the pub to advertising the competition. They also hosted a voting party in the last week of the competition to help us Get Out the Vote in the final days. Bodywork Dance Studio supported us during the judges’ visit with a flash mob of ‘Time Warp’ from Rocky Horror Picture Show (which they were kind enough to reprise at the Festive Lights).

So while we didn’t win, I am taking away even more pride and faith in the Mill Road community. And the silver lining is, we received a small cash prize this year – but are still eligible for the grand prize next year, when (as I promised Cambridge News), Mill Road will be ‘back with a vengeance.’

Thank you! And see you at the Winter Fair, where we will dance and eat and drink away any remorse over our runner-up status.


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