The Great British High Street: Mill Road represents!

Mill Road has been shortlisted for the Great British High Street award!

You can vote for Mill Road every day until 13 November. If you have a work email and a personal email, you can vote twice! We are facing stiff competition from Bradford’s North Parade and St. Giles Street in Northampton but Mill Road is scrappy and we are going to put up the best fight we can.

Two judges from the competition visited Mill Road on Monday. I am so grateful to everyone who came and represented the street and to all the traders who donated their time and snacks.

Thanks to Garden Kitchen for brownies;

to Perfect Pizza for two pizzas;

to the Six Bells Pub for a variety of drinks;

to Limoncello for cheese and charcuterie;

to Urban Larder for coffee;

to Relevant Records for tote bags that we filled with Mill Road literature;

and to St. Barnabas Church for working with us on very short notice.

In addition, we had representation from Independent Cambridge, Romsey Retro, The School Run Centre (the bike parked outside St. Barnabas was a huge hit), Droplet, Cambridge Classics, Fantasia, Piero’s Hairdressing, the Mill Road History Project, several city councillors and a number of Mill Road stalwarts.

And a big thank you to Bodyworks Dance Studio for their performance on Perowne Street!


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